Matthieu DAGORN (1982), aka LAPINTHUR, joins the artistic collective 9ème Concept in 2008 after his studies on the Academy of Fine Arts in Quimper, France. He continues to develop his art working with the group for diferent brands. His style is full of patterns, sculpted by subtle shadows and delicate points of light. The shapes coming out from under his brush give the impression of a constant movement and the profound natural energy and strength. It has been 2 years now, since he started to transpose his art into volume giving it a three dimensional form. Willing to leave the fat universe of a wall or a can-vas, he uses twisted paper, wooden and plastic stripes to show the movement and bring the form to life.

Thanks to that, each angle presents a diferent point of view on the artwork. As the abstract goes, the audience has their right to interpret the sculpture however they feel it.